Translation services and certified translations

Is your English, German, Spanish and French good enough to help you order a beer and to find the bathroom during your international vacation? That’s a great start, at least for a vacation.

But are your language skills good enough to convey the uniqueness of your company and/or product to foreign customers? Unless you are a languages professional, chances are the answer to this question is “no.” Just as you would hire a professional CPA and an attorney for your taxation and legal needs, you will make an investment in your company’s international presence by hiring a professional linguist.

A good translation not only requires the proper training, experience and academic background, but also in-depth knowledge of the sociological and cultural background as well as the different mentalities. We can offer all that for the German-speaking, the Spanish- and the French-speaking countries; thus covering a large area of the European Union and the Americas. We also translate into both American and British English.

For information on certified translations in the U.S. (Las Vegas, NV), for German, Spanish, and English, please visit our certified translations page.

Our language combinations are:

  • German into English and viceversa
  • Spanish into English and viceversa
  • German into Spanish and viceversa
  • French into Spanish, English and German
  • We translate German, Spanish, and English into French by working with trusted colleagues who are native French speakers.
  • Please contact us for other languages. We have long-term collaborations with a small group of highly qualified colleagues.

Of course we’ll also translate from clumsy into polished English.