Certified translations of marriage certificates, immigration documents, and more

Certified translations of marriage certificates in Las Vegas

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Filing paperwork with any government institution can be stressful and time-consuming. Let Twin Translations help you take care of one piece of the puzzle: we have many years’ experience in translating official documents into Spanish, German, and English. You can be certain that every abbreviation, acronym, and illegible stamp will be thoroughly researched and presented in a highly professional document, which will be mailed to you or delivered in person. We have worked with a trusted notary who is available to certify our translations six days a week. We have translated marriage certificates, birth certificates, transcripts, certificates of divorce, life insurance policies, criminal background checks, foreign diplomas, official correspondence from government agencies, child custody documents, etc. from many Spanish-speaking (Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina) and German-speaking countries.

What is a certified translation?

In the U.S., government agencies consider a translation certified if it meets the following criteria:
1) It is translated by a professional, licensed translator who is a member of translator-specific organization, such as the American Translators Association
2) It is signed by the translator (some Canadian agencies require the translation to be printed on the translator’s letterhead)
3) It is notarized by a notary public (stamp and signature)
4) It contains proper translator contact information
5) If it contains a statement by the translator saying that the translation is a true and correct translation of the original.

Twin Translations is the ideal partner for clients going through the U.S. immigration process. Judy Jenner is a naturalized U.S. citizen and is hence intimately familiar with the Department of Homeland Security’s requirements. Our quality and record speak for themselves: for more than 12 years, immigration and government authorities around the world have gladly accepted our certified translations. We also have have a proven track record of working with German, Swiss, and Austrian government agencies: we understand their processes and know whom to call if we have any questions. That right: if we have a question about a document that you submitted to us, we will call the issuing agency; regardless of their physical location, for no additional charge.

We kindly ask clients to scan and e-mail documents so we can issue a non-binding, free quote for your review/approval. Minimum charges and additional charges for certified translations apply. Additional charges for handwritten documents and non-electronic documents. For a quote, please contact judy.jenner@twintranslations.com. Because of differences in certification standards in other countries, certified translations are available exclusively for U.S.-based customers.