Court interpreting services in Las Vegas and beyond

If your law firm, insurance company, or any entity is looking for a Supreme Court of Nevada court-certified Spanish interpreter in Nevada, you’ve come to the right place. Judy Jenner, who lives and works in Las Vegas, is one of only nine master-level court-certified Spanish interpreters (Administrative Office of the Courts, Supreme Court of Nevada) in the state. Master-level means that she exceled at the rigurous examinations (written and oral) needed to become a certified court interpreter. These exams, which are held yearly by the Supreme Court of Nevada, have a 5% pass rate on the first try. Thanks to her long experience as a legal translator, business and community interpreter and good knowledge of the law, Judy passed all exams with a score above 80% in every section, thus earning the prestigious master-level certification.

The details on court interpreting services:

  • Kindly book your interpreting session as far in advance as possible. Every effort will be made to¬†accommodate¬†you.
  • Please send as much background information about your case/legal matter as you have. Judy takes great pride in being prepared for every assignment, but she might need some information to do so.
  • There is a two-hour minimum for all interpreting sessions.
  • Judy is available for Spanish interpreting assignments in Las Vegas and beyond. Daily rates and travel rates apply for assignments outside the Las Vegas metropolitan area.
  • For information about rates, please have a look at the 2011 rate sheet.